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Welcome Urgent Care Association of Alaska Members

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Please join me in extending a welcome to the Urgent Care Association of Alaska members. We continue to grow Urgent Care Associations in America with the goal of reaching all 50 states within the next few weeks.

Urgent Care in Alaska is critical. Having spent a number of years there with the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, I know the rigors of everyday living in Alaska. When an emergency strikes, it can turn very critical without immediate care. Urgent Care centers in Alaska provide that non-life-threatening assistance.

We will continue to grow Urgent Care Associations one state at a time until all 50 states have a voice. And, for those who serve the Urgent Care Industry, there will be an opportunity to connect with members of this multi-billion dollar segment of the health care industry like never before.

Ultimately, as Urgent Care providers and Urgent Care vendors connect to share best practices and crucial information, those needing Urgent Care will benefit the most.

That is why I can say “Welcome!” to the members of the Urgent Care Association of Alaska member and welcome their involvement in the future of Urgent Care medicine. Sam Yates